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Accy 510 Intel case questions - Accy 510 Questions to...

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Accy 510 Questions to consider for Intel case 1) If you were part of Intel’s management in the 17 of December meeting, what strategic action th would you recommend they take regarding the chips? Why do you think this is the proper action as a member of Intel’s management? (Note: here you’re just considering management’s policy decision, and you don’t need to consider accounting treatments yet.) 2) Consider the following timeline of events in 1994: June Intel learned of the flaw from its own tests, before Dr. Nicely found it October 30 Dr. Nicely posted information he found about the flaw from studies of intensive computing, starting an Internet discussion group November 7 Electrical Engineering Times article on the flaw; Intel offers limited replacement of chips (to users with demonstrated need) November 22-24 CNN , New York Times , and Boston Globe cover the issue November 30 IBM announces it will replace flawed chips December 12 IBM announces it will not ship computers with flawed chips
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