Accy 510 Framework for Financial Reporting

Accy 510 Framework for Financial Reporting - financial...

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Accy 510 A Framework for Financial Reporting ˛ Recognition (and de-recognition) vs. disclosure – When should an organization generally record items instead of simply disclosing them? - When the organization exchanges value with an external party - When the organization or external party meets part or all of its contractual obligations - When the organization uses or earns a resource through action or over time - When an (expected) event makes a potential value-changing impact on the organization ˇ Classification – If an organization records an item, which account types should the organization use to represent faithfully the effects on the organization? - Asset - Liability - Equity - Contribution of / return of capital - Revenue - Expense - Gain - Loss
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Initial measurement – How should an organization represent faithfully the magnitude of the
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Unformatted text preview: financial impact on the firm on the particular date?- Acquisition cost- Fair value (if different from acquisition cost)- Net realizable value- Present value Ñ Subsequent treatment – How should an organization’s recognition and measurement treatments change over time to faithfully represent changes to the organization?- Recognition, de-recognition, and classification $ use rules in ˛ and ˇ- Re-measurement- Accretion- Amortization- Expectations-based adjustment Ò Disclosure of information in notes to financial statements - What, and how much, information should an organization report to users in addition to what the financial statements reflect?- Sufficiently material to make a difference in users’ relevance-related judgments- Initial measurement and re-measurement $ use rules in — and Ñ...
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Accy 510 Framework for Financial Reporting - financial...

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