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This tab shows the historical cost financial statements that you could make Note how the financial statements change as you change the assumptions in the click under various sets of assumptions. I chose assumptions based on the example boxes. Some of the boxes relate to assumptions about transaction timing; others are we did in the 12:00 section, but you are free to change the assumptions as you purely accounting choices independent of the transaction details. How many different like to suit your group's choices. sets of statements are possible? What does this tell you about financial reporting? Facts in the case: Here are some assumptions you can make in preparing historical cost f/s; October 1st Rob items choose different assumptions and see how the f/s change. You also can Cash $800 change the yellow numbers at left and they'll auto-update the analysis. Beer 5 kegs produced at $125 cost in October Equipment with historical cost of $2,700 Oct. Production Cost Oct. Sales Price and with accumulated depreciation of
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