Wildcat 3(1) - that incorporates the above schedule Include an additional Sales Worksheet(if you haven’t already showing monthly unit sales

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Wildcat Company, Inc. Memorandum To: SIE 265 Class From: VP of Marketing Subject: Financial Model of Proposed Production Increase Project The company is proposing to manufacture products and provide a comfortable cushion of inventory. The Sales and Manufacturing Schedule is a separate document on D2L that includes the latest information on this Project. Note the data changes at the bottom of the schedule. You are to fill in values where the question (?) marks appear. 3rd Project Assignment - Create an Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement and Balance Sheet
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Unformatted text preview: that incorporates the above schedule. Include an additional Sales Worksheet (if you haven’t already) showing monthly unit sales, manufactured units, and units in inventory. Include corresponding $ amounts on the Sales Worksheet in addition to unit values. At the bottom of the balance sheet, include a calculation of Working Capital by month. At the bottom of the Income Statement, include a calculation by month for Gross Profit and Net Profit expressed as a percentage of revenue. Working Capital = Current Assets – Current Liabilities...
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