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Wildcat Company, Inc. Project 1 To: SIE 265 Class From: VP of Marketing Subject: Financial Model of Proposed Production Increase Project Wildcat Company, Inc (WCI) is proposing to upgrade its manufacturing facility in order to meet an unexpected increase in customer demand for product. I am requesting that class construct a set of pro-forma financial statements with analysis for an upper management meeting. Your job will be to recommend whether to proceed or abandon the Project by the end of the semester. Schedule I (below) outlines the initial assumptions provided by other operating groups within the company. These assumptions will change as further information becomes available. The excel model constructed for this assignment should be designed with flexibility so that key input parameters can be easily modified.
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Unformatted text preview: Schedule I 1. Production: 228 Units/month beginning in month 3. No units are manufactured in months 1 & 2. Assume that all units manufactured are sold. 2. Revenue per unit: $151.94 3. Cost per Unit: $67.27 4. Operating Expenses: $5,883/month beginning in the 1 st month. 5. Company Funding: $15,000 in the 1 st month. 6. Any Income Statement or Cash Flow Statement field not specified above should be left blank. 1 st Project Assignment : Construct a preliminary Income Statement and Statement of Cash Flows by month in Excel for the fiscal year of February 2012 through January 2013. Use the .ppt Template provided as a guide. Output values should be formatted to display dollars only (no cents) except for items like cost per unit....
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