Chapter 5-Mixed Questions-31MC

Chapter 5-Mixed Questions-31MC - Chapter 5-Mixed...

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Chapter 5-Mixed Questions-31MC 1. The Federal Civil Service System was begun in the late 19th century primarily to A. reward political party supporters B. reduce the practice of political patronage C. secure political campaign contributions D. provide government contracts for big business 2. During the period from 1865 to 1900, disputes between labor and management were often marked by A. the use of violence by both sides B. cooperative efforts to resolve differences C. government support of striking workers D. arbitration by the Federal Government 3. The actions of Jane Addams, Ida Tarbell, and Booker T. Washington illustrate that reform in the United States has A. utilized a variety of methods to achieve many goals B. depended on support from religious groups C. relied on programs initiated by the Federal Government D. promoted women’s suffrage as its main goal 4. In the United States during the late 19th century, much of the prejudice expressed toward immigrants was based on the belief that they would A. cause overcrowding in farm areas B. refuse to become citizens C. support the enemies of the United States in wartime D. fail to assimilate into American society 5. The American Federation of Labor became the first long-lasting, successful labor union in the United States mainly because it A. refused to participate in strikes against employers B. concentrated on organizing workers in industries in the South C. formed its own political party and elected many prolabor public officials D. fought for the rights of skilled workers 6. The major reason the United States placed few restrictions on immigration during the 1800’s was that A. few Europeans wished to give up their economic security B. little opposition to immigration existed C. the growing economy needed a steady supply of cheap labor D. most immigrants spoke English and thus needed little or no education 7. The Rockefeller Foundation, Carnegie Hall, and the Morgan Library illustrate various ways that entrepreneurs and their descendants have A. suppressed the growth of labor unions B. supported philanthropic activities to benefit society
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Chapter 5-Mixed Questions-31MC - Chapter 5-Mixed...

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