Chapter 5-Mixed Questions-OOMC

Chapter 5-Mixed Questions-OOMC - Chapter 5-Mixed...

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Chapter 5-Mixed Questions-ooMC 1. Jane Addams was a social activist of the early 20th century who worked to improve the social welfare of people in cities. She accomplished this by — A organizing the International Woman Suffrage Alliance to give the vote to women. B opening the first settlement house to provide assistance to new immigrants. C founding the March of Dimes Foundation to find a cure for polio. D organizing a women’s club to support schools and libraries in cities. 2. ONE effect railroads had on Native Americans living in the western United States was the — A eastern migration of most western Native American tribes. B gradual improvement of the Native Americans’ standard of living. C eventual destruction of the Native Americans’ way of life. D complete incorporation of Native Americans into United States society. 3. During the 1930s, many Americans moved out of the Great Plains states to — A. escape the Dust Bowl. B. work in railroad construction. C. avoid Native American uprisings. D. acquire free land in California. 4. The reform movements of Populism and Progressivism differed the MOST in that the Populist movement emphasized the — A. problems of racial minorities. B. need to regulate labor unions. C. concerns of the urban middle class. D. problems faced by farmers. 5. Which of the following had the GREATEST impact on the growth of cities in the late 1800s? A The expansion of industry B The introduction of the automobile C The success of the Harlem Renaissance D The onset of the Spanish-American War 6. Which of the following innovative developments of the late 1800s and early 1900s helped to create additional space for an ever-increasing urban population? A
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Chapter 5-Mixed Questions-OOMC - Chapter 5-Mixed...

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