Chapt 4 Quiz 1 - 1. Why was Californias application for...

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1. Why was California’s application for statehood controversial? A It could lead to war with Mexico. B It would be the largest state. C It would tip the balance between free and slave states. D It would be costly. 2. What was another name for letting voters decide for themselves whether their state should be a slave or a free state? A compromise B abolition C nativism D popular sovereignty 3.Which of the following ended the Missouri Compromise’s limits on slavery? A the Compromise of 1850 B the Kansas-Nebraska Act C the Fugitive Slave Act D the annexation of California 4.Why was the Kansas Territory called “Bleeding Kansas” in 1856? A. There was violence between proslavery and antislavery groups. B .Kansas was losing population to Missouri. C. Hospitals were closed in Kansas due to a lack of funds. D. Native American groups were making frequent attacks. 5.How did the Supreme Court rule in the Dred Scott case? A. The Missouri Compromise was unconstitutional. B .Popular sovereignty was the only legal way to settle the slavery debate. C. The Fugitive Slave Act was unconstitutional. D.The Constitution protected slaveholding as a property right. 6. What was the result of the raid on Harpers Ferry? A. A slave revolt established a free zone in northern Virginia. B .A slave revolt never began, and the leaders were captured and hanged. C .Congress pardoned the leaders and reconsidered its position on slavery. D .Slave revolts occurred all over the South. 7. Which of the following was a reason Abraham Lincoln won the election of 1860? A .The nation was solidly antislavery.
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Chapt 4 Quiz 1 - 1. Why was Californias application for...

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