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Last Chance-Missed questions 1. How did southern states keep African Americans from gaining political power? a. Lynching b. segregation c. voting restrictions d. de facto discrimination 2. What was one result of northern whites’ fear of racial equality? a. race riots b. Plessy v. Ferguson c. poll taxes d. literacy tests 3. Why was the NAACP founded? a. to uphold segregation in the South b. to fight discrimination through the courts c. to design special voting restrictions d. to create business opportunities for African Americans 4. All of the following methods were used to disenfranchise blacks in the South after Reconstruction EXCEPT a. literacy tests b. federal legislation c. grandfather clauses d. terrorism e. poll taxes 5. By the end of Reconstruction, most blacks in the South a. had migrated to lands in the West b. owned small family farms c. earned wages as factory workers in the new industries d. worked on farms as tenant farmers and sharecroppers 6. During the settlement of the West, all of the following were true EXCEPT a. settlers moving West primarily used overland trails b. few western miners were foreign-born c. the mountain men provided much of the early information about the West d. in the 1830s and 1840s, the U.S. government gave squatters the right to buy federal lands 7. In 1889, Congress responded to pressure from squatters and other would-be settlers by opening up a. the Indian Territory. b. Wounded Knee. c. Little Bighorn. d. the Great Plains. 8. Once all the loose gold had been mined from streams, who moved into the mining towns? a. large mining corporations b. farm families c. cattlemen d. the federal Department of Agriculture 9. All of the following Populist ideas became reality during the Progressive era EXCEPT a. a balanced gold and silver standard b. incorporation of initiative, referendum and recall procedures in several states.
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c. a subtreasury system where farmers can get cash advances for crops prior to the harvest. d. government control of the railroad industry 10. What was one perspective of African-Americans that was reflected in the founding of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)? A. the desire to preserve cultural traditions B. the desire to end racial discrimination C. the belief that segregation was necessary to maintain social order D. the belief that collective bargaining would lead to higher incomes 11. All of the following were Populist goals in the early 1890s EXCEPT a. increased access to credit for farmers b. eliminating unfair railroad practices c. inflation of the money supply d. lower taxes 12. The "Crime of '73" refers to the A. Battle of Little Big Horn B. establishment of the Mafia in New Orleans C. decision by Congress to stop coining silver dollars D. Chinese Exclusion Act 13. The Sioux leaders at the Battle of the Little Big Horn included Sitting Bull and A. Chief Joseph B. Crazy Horse C. Tecumseh D. Geronimo 14. The outbreak of the Indian Wars of the 1870s was caused by all of the following EXCEPT
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Last Chance-Missed questions - Last Chance-Missed questions...

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