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Miscellaneous Questions One important goal of the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 was to (A) restore to Indian tribes the right to own land collectively (B) assimilate Indians into mainstream American culture (C) break up tribal land holdings (D) decrease Indian land holdings Which of the following was true about relations between Native Americans (Indians) and whites in the period 1861 - 1890? (A) The federal government attempted to break down tribal autonomy on the Great Plains (B) Congress upheld pre-Civil War promises to preserve Indian tribal hunting lands in the West (C) Federal voting rights were extended to Indians on reservations (D) The Indians of the great Plains offered little resistance to white expansion The governments Indian policy in the late 1800s included (A) moving the Indians to reservations (B) making Indians wards of the government (C) “Americanizing” the Indians (D) all of these. In a bid to win labor’s support, the Populist Party A. Supported restrictions on immigration B. Nominated Samuel Gompers for president C. Opposed injunctions against labor strikes D. Endorsed workmen’s compensation laws Pro-farmer and Populist leaders of the 1880’s and 1890’s included all of the following except A. Joseph Glidden B. Oliver Kelley C. James Weaver D. Mary Elizabeth Lease The principle of separate but equal facilities for blacks and whites was set down in A. the Dred Scott decision B. Bakke v. Board of Regents C. Brown v. Board of Education D. Plessy v. Ferguson The early nineteenth-century Native American leader who urged the Indian
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Miscellaneous Questions - Miscellaneous Questions One...

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