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Access 2010 Practice Assessment Instructions Getting Started: Download and save the Access file called “ Holidays.accdb ” to your Desktop. Launch Microsoft Access 2010 and open this Access file from your Desktop. Click on Enable Contents button. Make the following changes to the Access database. WORKING WITH TABLES 1. Open the Trips table in the Design View. Set the TripID field as the primary key and format the DailyCost field to Currency . Save the changes to the Trips table design. 2. Go into Datasheet view to view the information stored in the Trips table. Change all the trips that are going to Orlando so that they are going to Miami instead. 3. Use the Table Design to create a second table (called Holidays ) with the following 3 fields as outlined below: Details for Field 1: Details for Field 2: Details for Field 3: Name: Destination Name: AverageTemp Name: DirectFlight Data Type: Text Data Type: Number Data Type: Yes/No Field Size: 10 Field Size: Integer Set the Destination
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Access_Instructions - Access 2010 Practice Assessment...

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