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Excel 2010 Practice Assessment Getting Started: Download and save the unformatted Excel file called “ Unformatted_Excel.xlsx ” to your Desktop. Launch Microsoft Excel 2010 and open this unformatted file from your Desktop. Make the following changes to the Excel spreadsheet. 1. Begin by typing your name in cell B1 and your student ID in E1. Change the width of column B to fit the longest product name in the inventory. Set the column width for columns C through E to 14. Change the name in the worksheet tab to your own name instead of “Practice”. 2. Wrap the text in cell A2. Centre all the headings in row 2 (horizontally and vertically) and add a Thick Box Border ” around the column headings. Hint: Your column headings are in cells A2 to E2. 3. Highlight cells A3 and A4 and use the AutoFill feature to fill in the remaining product codes in sequence (i.e. from 1003 to 1010). 4. Add a formula to cell E3 which will calculate the Extended Price for the first product. Hint: The Extended Price is equal to the
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