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1. YOUR JOURNEY BEGINS TODAY. .. Beginning collegee college can be a challenging time for any student and SUCCESS@Seneca wants to make the transition into college life as smooth as possible. The goal of the progrram program is to prepare you to meet the challenges and opportunities of college life. Orientation is the first step to that succeess success . You will have the opportunity to participate in an orientation especially designed for your program . 1 Meet your classmates, professors and staff Tour the campus and find out about all the college resources Participate in Activities and WIN FREE prizes FREE Lunch Attend essential SUCCESS@Seneca sescions sessions Discover how SUCCESS@Seneca can launch your success @ college! Get connected with your SUCCESS@Seneca College Coach
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Unformatted text preview: 1 https://www.senecac.on.ca 2. WELCOME Welcome to Seneca and to your First Year Student Experience. Our office is here to ensure that new students make a successful transition to life at College. We aim to provide you with information and link you to campus resources in order to support you in achieving your academic and personal goals. We hope you find this website useful and relevant. Thank you to all first semster semester students for registering to attend this year's Orientation and for participating in this year's Seneca Village during Fall 2011 Orientation. We are excited to announce that these students have won some pretty col cool prizes....
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Word 2010 Practice - References&Review_Solution - 1

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