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Word 2010 Practice – Formatting Instructions Getting Started: Download and save the unformatted Word file called “ Word 2010 Practice - Formatting _Unformatted.docx ” to your Desktop. Launch Microsoft Word 2010 and open this unformatted file from your Desktop. Make the following changes to the Word document. 1. Begin by making changes to the title as follows: a. Font size 16 b. Font Cooper Black c. Underline 2. Insert a Header using the Blank (Three Columns) style. 3. Move the Title to the Centre Text Box using the Cut and Paste method. Replace the [Text Box] on the right side of the header, with today’s date in the format: 21-Sep-09 using the Date and Time option rather than typing it in. Replace the [Text Box] on the left side of the header with “ICA”. 4. Using the Find and Replace command find all instances of the word Seneca and replace it with Seneca College . 5. Insert a Horizontal Line after the first paragraph.
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This note was uploaded on 02/19/2012 for the course ICA 002 taught by Professor Sinta during the Spring '12 term at Seneca.

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Word_2010_Practice_-_Formatting_Instructions - Word 2010...

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