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Getting Started: Download and save the unformatted Word file called “ Word 2010 Practice – References&Review _Unformatted.docx ” to your Desktop. Launch Microsoft Word 2010 and open this unformatted file from your Desktop. Make the following changes to the Word document. 1. Change the margins for the entire document to Narrow , and the orientation to Landscape . 2. Insert page numbers at the bottom of the page using the Accent Bar1 style. 3. Insert a HARD Page Break so heading 2 ( WELCOME ) begins on page 2. 4. Place your cursor at the end of the first paragraph, after the heading WELCOME and insert a footnote that reads “https://www.senecac.on.ca”. 5. Place your curser at the beginning of the sentence, “Meet your classmates, professors and staff” and
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Unformatted text preview: insert a Comment that reads Highlights of the Day . 6. Convert the first paragraph into columns using the 2-column option. 7. Turn on the feature “ Track Changes ”. Use the “Spell Check” command to correct any spelling errors. Note: you may have to ignore some suggestions. All your changes should be marked since you had previously turned on Tracking Changes. 8. Preview the document in Print Preview to make sure it fits on 2 pages. Then save the document to your Desktop with the changes. Save your final Word document to your Desktop . If you want to check your work, download and review the model solution file called “ Word 2010 Practice – References&Review_Solution.docx ” located in the ICA Website....
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