syllabus - Math 482 (Linear Programming and Combinatorial...

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Math 482 (Linear Programming and Combinatorial Optimization): (Spring 2011) Instructor: Alexander Yong [email protected] Lectures: MWF 1:00-1:50pm 141 Altgeld Office Hours: By appointment only, but in particular, I'm free MF 2:00-3:00pm (right after class, in my office 335 Illini Hall). Also check out the (presently, experimental) class twitter page Textbook: Christos H. Papadimitriou and Kenneth Steiglitz, "Combinatorial Optimization: algorithms and complexity", Dover Publications. Other books: * Leonid N. Vaserstein, "Introduction to linear programming", Pearson education. * Vasek Chvatal. "Linear Programming", New York: W.H. Freeman and Company, 1983. (A classic.) * Robert Vanderbei, "Linear programming: foundations and extensions", see website for online materials and information Syllabus: The department syllabus is found here. This is intended as an introductory course in linear optimization. Briefly, we will cover the simplex method, duality, integer linear programs and game theory. (Those wishing for a more advanced treatment may wish to consider Math 588 which covers similar material but at a Graduate level or this course on convex optimization .) Grading: Assignments 30% (I will drop the lowest two assignment grades), Three Midterms 15%+15%+15%, Final Exam 25%. Grades 80%-100% guarantees an A- or above; 70%-80% guarantees B- or above; 60%-70% guarantees C- or above, 50%-60% guarantees D- or above etc. I will maintain grades online through the math department grading system: Look under "Score reports" Any missed midterm tests will be dropped and the final exam re-weighted accordingly, provided you have a doctor's note that indicates lack of fitness due to a medical issue. If a medical concern results in missed final exam, a make-up exam will be offered. Four hour honors credit "Math in the community":
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syllabus - Math 482 (Linear Programming and Combinatorial...

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