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Sex and Gender Exam 1 SG

Sex and Gender Exam 1 SG - 7 Evolutionary Psychology 9 12...

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7. Evolutionary Psychology 9. 12. Biological Essentialism 13. Biology as a justification for Inequality 14. Gender Socialization 15. Agents of Socialization 16. Gender as an important social category 17. Gender as an organizing principal 18. Social Learning 19. Cognitive 20. Psychoanalytic 21. Critiques of Social Learning 22. Verbal Communication and Socialization 23. Socialization and Outcomes 24. Gender Crossing and Power 25. Internalized Gender Messages 26. Doing Gender 27. Gender as a performance 28. Hegemonic Masculinity 1. Sociological Imagination a. Incorporates history and public issues i. Historical facts are not merely history, history affects present day life ii. Enables holders to understand the larger historical scene in terms of their own inner life and external career iii. Grasp the relationship between history and biography within society b. Private Troubles- i. Biography- occurs within a person and within his immediate relations with others ii. personal issues which a person is directly and personally aware c. Issues: i. Organization of institutions of an historical society as a whole ii. Public issues 1. Ex:15 million people out of 50 are unemployed- must consider political and economic institutions not merely individual d. Moves beyond individuals 2. Agency a. Ability to make choices/ act i. Free will ii. Ex: chose to marry 3. Structure a. Cultural norms, institutions, rules and laws
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b. Ex: marriage benefits 4. Constrained Choices a.
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Sex and Gender Exam 1 SG - 7 Evolutionary Psychology 9 12...

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