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SEX, GENDER AND SOCIETY: SOCY/WMST 1016-002 Exam 1 Review Sheet Test Format: You will have the entire class period to complete the exam. The exam will consist of 10 multiple choice questions (worth two points each), 5 explain a term questions where you will be given a list of 10 terms and asked to explain 5 in your own words in 1-2 sentences(worth two points each), 4 short answer questions, which should be between 4-6 sentences (worth 5 points each). The following is a list of terms and concepts that may appear on the test. Be sure that you can explain each term, give an example in your own words and relate the term/concept to readings and lecture material. You should also be sure you are familiar with the main points of all the assigned articles and Tough Guise . Sociological Imagination Private Troubles Public Issues Agency and Structure Constrained Choices Sex Gender Sociobiology Evolutionary Psychology Hormone and Brain Research Amplification and Suppression Social Construction of Gender The Gender System Individual Level
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Unformatted text preview: Interactional Level Institutional Level Biological Essentialism Biology as a justification for Inequality Gender Socialization Agents of Socialization Gender as an important social category Gender as an organizing principal Social Learning Cognitive Psychoanalytic Critiques of Social Learning Verbal Communication and Socialization Socialization and Outcomes Gender Crossing and Power Internalized Gender Messages Doing Gender Gender as a performance Hegemonic Masculinity Components of Hegemonic Masculinity Girls and Gender Nonconformity Boys and Acceptable “feminine” traits Boys and Gender Nonconformity Mothers’ and Fathers’ investments in Children’s Gender Performance Organizations vs. Institutions The Hidden Curriculum Gender in Preschools Borderwork (examples of and definition) Invasions, Aggression, Play and Power The Boy Crisis Deceptive Distinctions Intersectionality Interlocking Hierarchies Invisibility and Privilege Myth of Meritocracy Tough Guise 1...
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