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Modern China Notes November 16 Jiangxi Soviet 1927-34 I. Collapse of the First united Front 1. First United Front was an nationalist and communist parties 1. Nationalist leader agreed to allow communist party to join 2. Possibility of inquiring power through the nationalists 1. this effort would ultimately lead to the white terror 1. because the relationships between them has problems 3. Nationalist's agree to this even knowing they would have problems 1. allowed communist into their ranks because of soviet aid 1. Had goals they wanted to achieve. 1. unify the country 2. needed Money and Men 2. Soviets would provide them advisors(political advise) 3. helped organize the Northern Expedition 1. The communists would participate in the Northern Expedition through mass labor 2. Communist were supreme Organizers 3. Jian Kai Chek is fearful of loosing support of the military, loosing financial support of chinese capitalists and imperialist intervention 1. decides the relationship needs to end
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Unformatted text preview: 2. April- launches the White Terror against communist party(50,000) would decimate the labor unions and lead to many casualties 1. was done in alliance with the Green Gang(because it starts in Shang Hai) 1. went around killing communists(or anyone who looked like a communist) 2. the movement which was succeeding is decimated and they are forced to flee II. Mao in opposition 1. Political Strategy 1. Leadership wants to replicate the Russian Experience(having an urban insurrection-uprisings in cities) mobilizing the workers 2. Political Theory 1. Question is to what extent is china capitalist to what extent is china feudal 2. they think china is more capitalist than it actually is 1. this evaluation will eventually see how they view china class 2. harsh polices toward the rich peasants 3. Military Tactics III. Counter Revolution 1. Five En / Suppression Campaigns November 30...
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