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01:790:103 Professor Douglas Blair Introduction to Comparative Politics Fall 2010 Problem Set #3 Due at the beginning of recitation section, October 13-15 1. In Chapter 5, we studied three measures of democracy. I have placed Excel spreadsheets on Sakai (under Resources\Data for homework assignments) containing the full time series of these measures for all countries. Summarize briefly how the scores on these measures change over the years for your assigned country. For the years covered by more than one of these measures for your country, do the scores seem compatible with one another? To the extent that you find puzzling differences, can you explain the contrasting results of the different measures in light of what you have read about them in Chapter 5? 2. The World Bank can make a development loan to the government of Raritania, a developing nation. Such loans typically come with conditions requiring that the recipient implement anti-corruption or other reforms. Raritania can reform or ignore the demand for
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