Chem 410 Lab Report #4 - Helen Yuzvyak February 7, 2011...

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Helen Yuzvyak February 7, 2011 Chemistry 410 Identification and characterization of different compounds using X-Ray fluorescence spectroscopy, analyzed for element composition Abstract: X-Ray Fluorescent Spectroscopy is a specific technique that measures elemental composition and deals with micro-analysis of solids. We will be showing examples of X-ray absorption applications and how to go about analyzing the details of the resulting spectra. By means of X-Ray source, sample and a detector we will rapidly identify elements with atomic numbers greater than aluminum. XRF cannot analyze elements below that, due to its detection limitations. Background/ Theoretical introduction: X-Ray Fluorescence was used to identify traces of materials when they come in contact with radiation. Through excitation and energy transfers, changes in binding energy occur between the inner electron orbital and outer orbital. The emitted radiation is fluorescent radiation. Energy of its emitted photons is characteristic of transition between specific electron orbitals in a specific element, making it possible to determine the abundances of elements in a given sample through fluorescent X-Rays. X-Ray photons are counted (through pulses/ intensity) and their corresponding energies (kV) are measured.
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Chem 410 Lab Report #4 - Helen Yuzvyak February 7, 2011...

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