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HW 10 - 33 A Plate in Hie 511:1Pe{it a Parallelngl'am it...

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Unformatted text preview: 33'] A Plate in Hie 511:1Pe {it a Parallelngl'am it: netted upon: by two euuplex. Determine the mement of the couple termed by the t'i'r't} 21—m- fnl‘DES, {till ll'llE [fitpfilu'lit‘ulal‘ distance between the lit-ll) [times if the reenl— taut rJ-F the twin wuples is zero, is} file value of at it' the resultant ectlpie is 1’2 1b ' in. clockwise and J is 4:2. in. 3. F! A wiring harness is made by muting wt res arr-11nd E—in.~rliameter pegs mmlnled an F1 sheet if plywood. If the fume in Bed: Wire is 3 lb. deter- mine the etlieliefit value at the distanm a m that when wires Ali and CD are in place the reslfltzmt euuple acting on the plw'mcl is 159.5 "1 ' in. CLmIIEEP clockwise. 3.?3 If .F' = if! lh, replace the three eeuples with a single equivalent etmple. speeifl'ing its nmguitudc and the rlireetinn at its; axis. Fbg. P33? and P333 ...
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