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Kregg M. Soltow Business Management and Leadership Unit 4 Discussion Board August 9, 2010 American Intercontinental University Jim Owens, CEO of Caterpillar Inc. I chose Caterpillar Inc. and its CEO Jim Owens mainly because I work for Caterpillar and I have a rather prominent inside advantage at summing up this assignment. Discuss 3 factors or characteristics that you think makes this individual (the CEO) an effective leader . I believe Jim Owens is a good leader because he has excellent character; he is enthusiastic about his work and cause and also about his role as a leader. He is also undoubtedly confident, in order to lead this company and set direction he as a leader has appeared confident as a person and in the leadership role. Additionally Jim Owens functions in an orderly and purposeful manner in situations of uncertainty. We have looked to him during times of uncertainty and unfamiliarity and found reassurance and security when he portrayed confidence and a positive demeanor. Jim Owens, as well as keeping the main goal in focus, is able to think analytically.
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Business Management and Leadership_Unit4_DB - Kregg M...

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