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Comprehensive IT Project_Unit4_IP - DATA ENCRYPTION 1...

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Unformatted text preview: DATA ENCRYPTION- 1 - Comprehensive IT Project Unit 4 Individual Project Kregg M. Soltow December 2, 2010 American Intercontinental University DATA ENCRYPTION- 2 - • Business advantages and disadvantages of full disk encryption, compared to other types of encryption techniques. Full-disk encryption goods are intended to interact with the threat of data concession through the loss and or theft of businesses computing machines. They tend to supply a superior level of safety than basic file encryption goods, by instead encrypting all said data and issuing specific user verification during the boot process. Simple file encryption products tend be bundled with your average operating system and can provide adequate data partition functionality, but this on the other hand can come at the cost of severe complication and inferior security. Full disk encryptions or FDE’s will encrypt every bit of data on the users hard drive. This encryption includes the OS, their apps, and any and all user data. To do this, the FDE’s contain mechanisms that are self-regulating of the on board OS and in turn will carry out before it is loaded. These components are liable for validating the machines user as soon as the machine is booted, and provide rather low amounts of encryption. A full disk encryption will normally consist of a section that works along side the OS, often referred to as a protected mode driver. This particular driver is accountable for making sure that the encrypted disk is displayed as normal to the OS, allowing the cryptions to stay non-apparent to the user. On the other hand simple file encryption products permit precise files and folders to be encrypted alone. These encryptions happen inside the OS by employing a filter driver. Filter drivers cut off admission to specific files and or folders which in turn allows those files or folders made...
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Comprehensive IT Project_Unit4_IP - DATA ENCRYPTION 1...

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