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Comprehensive IT Project_Unit5_DB - Comprehensive IT...

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Comprehensive IT Project Unit 5 Discussion Board Kregg M. Soltow December 9, 2010 American Intercontinental University Business continuity needs for eCommerce organizations vs. retail organizations Evaluating business continuity plans requires expertise that few organizations have in-house. IT staff may not have the tactic for systematic analysis, sometimes letting emotional factors interfere with what should be business decisions. Even worse, although most organizations understand the immediate impact of a disaster, they may overlook more likely-to-occur events that can have a far more severe impact. A critical finding from the (Workshop for the retailer’s executives) was that their business continuity plans were inadequate. Significant financial losses were likely to occur if they continued with the status quo. Such losses could, in turn, cost the executives their positions with the organization.
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Comprehensive IT Project_Unit5_DB - Comprehensive IT...

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