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Comprehensive IT Project_Unit_3_IP - SOFTWARE CODING...

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SOFTWARE CODING PRACTICES GUIDE - 1 - Comprehensive IT Project Unit 3 Individual Project Kregg M. Soltow November 23, 2010 American Intercontinental University
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SOFTWARE CODING PRACTICES GUIDE - 2 - Introduction: As the interest and want to write good quality software code, this guide for creating software code has been developed. Most of what is presented here came from various other software coding sources. Little modifications were made to clarify and or reflect our company’s needs. These practices will be utilized in coding reviews and should always be referred to when generating such. Goals of Standards: First off it is necessary to recognize the purpose of said coding guidelines and establish various goals. The following are three fundamental and important goals: Using these guidelines should establish an end result of legible code and should encourage observance. The consequential documents should be simple to preserve. This manuscript should be a live text in a sense that as additional and superior traditions to do things are happening, they are documented as such. The key to good software coding is that one must code software well. In fact, the idea is that before a great piece of software can be made, one has to have a steady developed process for writing the code. That is what this policy is intended to aid in. A minimal amount of standardization is significant in a vast organization writing software code.
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Comprehensive IT Project_Unit_3_IP - SOFTWARE CODING...

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