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Guide to Data Privacy, Security Practices and Legalities ACME, ACME Corporations, their respective logos, as well as corporate and Product identity used herein, are trademarks of ACME Corporation and may not Be used without permission c. 2007 ACME Keep Mobile Data Out of Reach Keep Mobile Data Out of Reach Portable information is the most vulnerable – Protect It! Hide it! Hide it! -On an airplane, in a café, or anywhere outside work, make sure the Data Thief is not watching. Secure it! Secure it! -Disable Bluetooth, lock your screen, and keep portable devices in your control at all times. Encrypt it! -Use encryption to secure confidential data on USB drives, CD-ROMs and other portable media. Company Security Practices Company Security Practices Information Protection Guidelines Overview ACME Information is classified by Information owners or delegates into one of four categories: ACME: Confidential Red ACME: Confidential Yellow ACME: Confidential Green ACME:
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