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Computer Networks_Unit4_GP - ITCO351-1005B-02 Computer...

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ITCO351-1005B-02 Computer Networks Unit 4 Group Project Christy, Lisa Chu, Arnold Curtis, Ian Soltow, Kregg St. Germain, Debbie January, 26 2011 American Intercontinental University
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Describe the different transport mechanisms  included with TCP/IP.  CUDP CUDP  stands for  Cyclic UDP . It is used for streaming  media and resides in the Transport layer of the  ISO/OSI protocol stack. NBF NBF protocol is a non-routable network- and  transport-level data protocol most commonly used  as one of the layers of Microsoft Windows  networking  SCTP Stream Control Transmission Protocol is a  Transport Layer protocol, serving in a similar role  to the popular protocols TCP and UDP. IPX/SPX IPX/SPX stands for Internetwork Packet  Exchange/Sequenced Packet Exchange. IPX and  SPX are networking protocols used primarily on  networks using the Novell NetWare operating  systems. SST Structured Stream Transport is an experimental 
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Computer Networks_Unit4_GP - ITCO351-1005B-02 Computer...

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