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Data Center Management_Unit2_DB

Data Center Management_Unit2_DB - Data Center Management...

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Data Center Management Unit 2 Discussion Board Kregg M. Soltow November 17, 2011 American Intercontinental University To Whom It May Concern: For our business, housing our own IT infrastructure can prove to be a lavish concern. Although this generally grants us a high level of control, I do not believe it is pertinent for our business to manage such an infrastructure at that degree. Furthermore, when deciding whether or not to house our own data center, I believe the high cost and high levels of maintenance outweigh the assuredness that accommodating the data center simply provides us a higher level of control. The most valid question for our businesses should be: Is it possible to rely on a third- party provider? Once we decide whether or not it’s sensible to house the data center ourselves, we must consider the feasibility of relying on another organization for the protection of our information and data. These types of infrastructures are costly to manage, and because of that fact a rather large and substantial market has been generated. This market - and core
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