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Data Center Management_Unit4_GP_Network_Performance

Data Center Management_Unit4_GP_Network_Performance - Data...

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Data Center Management Unit 4 Group Project Network Performance SLA Kregg M. Soltow December 2, 2011 American Intercontinental University We here in the datacenter team recognize the need for availability and ease of use to our organizations and furthermore would like to make every attempt to supply services that time and again will surpass all outlooks. With that being said, we are committed to presenting these subsequent stages of service to guarantee utmost accessibility and functioning. Network Performance: Accessibility to Network We pledge that our network infrastructure will be obtainable at all times - exclusive of listed maintenance preservation. In the case of a network infrastructure outage, our team will take full responsibility for any downtime as a result of said event. Network uptime encompasses the implementation of any and all network infrastructure including electrics, wiring, switches and routing devices. Software programs and services operating on our infrastructure are not to be incorporated in the characterization of this specific section outlining the network infrastructure. Downtime of the network subsists if our routing
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