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Data Center Management_Unit5_DB

Data Center Management_Unit5_DB - big losses and...

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Data Center Management Unit 5 Discussion Board Kregg M. Soltow December 9, 2011 American Intercontinental University I believe that by purchasing a maintenance contract for $200,000 that guarantees all repair services will be completed in a 4-hour window from the time they are reported will be the most valuable for the organization. This is because loss in the way of downtime is generally more acute with this option, given that although the initial cost is greater than the other alternative, it is more favorable for the organization because on the other hand extended downtimes can lead to rigorous deficits for the company. The factors that predisposed my conclusion are the simple facts that show that any given downturn in productivity regarding machine maintenance immediately translates to
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Unformatted text preview: big losses and consequently, those losses as a result of downtime are far less when referencing the second option. For this reason alone I personally would be more inclined to decide in favor of the $100,000 contract so long as I could back up the competence of the organizations interior staff, specifically in regards to fixing the issues in a timely manner. However, by constructing an outside maintenance contract with a vendor, I believe there are more benefits to be had thru the overall savings that will be incurred due to not only speedy resolutions but also the benefits that come with smooth functioning of operations already put in place by a profit driven company like ourselves who look to take a solid position in their market....
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