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1 RUNNING HEAD: MOONLIGHT DISTRIBUTORS DATABASE Task Name: Phase 3 Individual Project Deliverable Length: 500-750 words Details: One of your team members are a little rusty on their SQL skills, but needed to create the SQL Select statements that would produce running summary files for reports on the following: Customer volume by month CustomerID, Month, Total shipments, Total weight Driver performance by month Driver ID, Month, Number of manifests on time, Number of manifests delivered late. The team member sent you an e-mail with the following questions: From where should he source the information for the design? What difficulties would he have in writing the SQL statements for each of these tables? Should any of these tables be created on an as-needed basis? Do these summary tables violate the concept of table normalization? Customer Field Name Ke y Data Type Size of Data Type CustomerID PK CHAR 10 L_Name TEXT 50 F_Name TEXT 50 Address TEXT
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Data Mining and Warehousing_Unit4_IP - Moonlight...

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