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Data Modeling and Design_Unit3_GP - Kregg Soltow Group...

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Kregg Soltow Group Project Portion While there are lots of differences between Oracle and Access, it is important to first realize that Oracle and Access are both respectable relational database vehicles. Being competitors Oracle is often considered the under dog while being sold and managed by Oracle Corporation while on the other hand Access is sold and operated by the powerhouse Microsoft. The chief differences amid the two are the size and the amount of users each database engine maintains. Oracle is a scalable venture database engine that can handle from one to multiple, or hundreds of thousands, of real-time users. Furthermore, Access is generally used as a mono user database, however, since the 1997 release of their product, Access can be improved with the addition of Visual Basic code and can subsequently support hundreds more synchronized users, with a maximum of about 200 users. Oracle on the other hand is equipped to support extremely large databases, meaning double digit terabytes, while consequently Access was intended
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Data Modeling and Design_Unit3_GP - Kregg Soltow Group...

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