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Data Structures and Implementation Unit 2 Individual Project Kregg M. Soltow February 19, 2011 American Intercontinental University
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Analyze the possible uses for doubly linked lists. For most possible uses, double linked lists use additional memory. Furthermore, each additional basic process is just a little bit longer and conveniently one additional pointer to preserve.(Galler,1964) The advantages of these uses are greatly dependent on the fact that double linked lists can be iterated with out the need for recursion and in reverse. (Knuth,2007) The user can feel free to remove and insert from a double linked list at some random node much quicker given the fact that they no longer have to examine through the beginning of a list to find a specific previous node. Discuss the types of list manipulation that would be useful. 1. gdsl_list_alloc (const char *NAME, gdsl_alloc_func_t ALLOC_F, gdsl_free_func_t FREE_F) Creates a new list 2. gdsl_list_free (gdsl_list_t L) Destroys a list 3. gdsl_list_get_name (const gdsl_list_t L) Gets the name of a list 4. gdsl_list_get_size (const gdsl_list_t L) Gets the size of a list 5. gdsl_list_insert_head (gdsl_list_t L, void *VALUE) Inserts an element at the head of a list 6. gdsl_list_delete (gdsl_list_t L, gdsl_compare_func_t COMP_F, const void *VALUE) Deletes a particular element from a list
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Data Structures and Implementation_Unit2_IP - Data...

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