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Data Structures and Implementation_Unit4_DB

Data Structures and Implementation_Unit4_DB - Data...

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Data Structures and Implementation Unit 4 Discussion Board Kregg M. Soltow March 3, 2011 American Intercontinental University Do you think the availability of inexpensive memory has made programmers lazy about using memory efficiently? Recently I have noticed that more and more programmers are becoming lax when it comes to writing good code. The misconception is that these days computers are of adequate speed and therefore do not necessitate the need for efficient code. I feel that many computer science majors are not required to put much effort into algorithm design or in the simplest way, how to really program. This is presumably where Java comes in. Java is easier and more fun therefore more popular. (Ritchie,1993) Is it more important to focus on functionality rather than efficient memory use? There are an abundance of times when it is important to focus on efficient memory and not functionality, particularly when performance is not a concern but time is, in
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