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Data Structures and Implementation_Unit4_GP_Individual

Data Structures and Implementation_Unit4_GP_Individual -...

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Data Structures and Implementation Unit 4 Group Project Individual Portion Kregg M. Soltow March 3, 2011 American Intercontinental University
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Description of the design and operation of the group's project in your own words I would describe the design and operation of our groups project as the utilization of a team of software engineers to generate adequate means of analyzing radio signals from outer space. I envision ourselves as a group as veteran software engineers employed with the newly formed company; New World Visions Inc. As a part of this newly formed company we have found ourselves included in a great step forward in the race to adequately combine the use of all satellites currently over the entire world, to receive interstellar communications from far away places of the universe. My team and I believe this is not only a task needed to be accomplished, but rather more a force thrusting ourselves into the future of interplanetary communication that could someday change the way we see ourselves in the distant future.
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Data Structures and Implementation_Unit4_GP_Individual -...

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