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Enterprise Networks_Unit1_IP - Enterprise Networks Unit 1...

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Enterprise Networks Unit 1 Individual Project Kregg M. Soltow February 8, 2012 American Intercontinental University
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Review the room requirements to conclude what type of network media is most appropriate for this situation? I suggest using fiber optic cable media as the network medium primarily because of its security and ability to quickly connect systems over large distances. This type of cabling may amount to a higher upfront cost but will undoubtedly prove to be beneficial in the long run as more and more systems and services are switching to fiber. When considering things such as costs, fiber optic cables are usually assumed to be much more expensive than copper twisted cabling. Whether we’re looking at cable, terminations or networking devices, fiber generally will costs more. However, this also goes to say that as the predeceasing copper medium gets faster – such as CAT-6 - it also increases in cost almost as much. So it is obvious that fiber cabling is more upfront, but in terms of future savings, there is more to regard in making a decision. How many IP addresses does the school need immediately? How many might it eventually need for the initial seven rooms? How many could it need if it
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Enterprise Networks_Unit1_IP - Enterprise Networks Unit 1...

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