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Environmental Science_Unit1_DB - Environmental Science...

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Unformatted text preview: Environmental Science Unit1 Discussion Board April 29, 2011 Kregg M. Soltow American Intercontinental University State which position you agree with most, and explain your rationale. How would you convince others to take on your point of view? First off, I believe that each one of these three positions are collectively contributing to a mass loss of sustainability on our planet. The human race is easily compared to a plague when referring to the limited resources our planet has to offer its populace. These days with the population of the world topping out at around six billion, and with Asia and its closest neighbors accounting for around one third of the world population all on their own, while at the same time occupying an amount of land which is no where near one third the total area of the earth, there is quite a bit of competition for what resources there are. When referring to these positions, the incredible rate at which the population is growing in these budding countries of our planet has been responsible for things like food...
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Environmental Science_Unit1_DB - Environmental Science...

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