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Environmental Science_Unit1_IP

Environmental Science_Unit1_IP - Unit 1 Individual Project...

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Unformatted text preview: Unit 1 Individual Project Unit 1 Individual Project Environmental Science Kregg M. Soltow What is Sustainability What is Sustainability ► Sustainability: The capacity to endure. Capable of being continued with minimal long­ term effect on the environment. Capable of being maintained at a steady level without exhausting natural resources or causing severe ecological damage The (biotic and A biotic) cycling and recycling The (biotic and A biotic) cycling and recycling of carbon, phosphorus, and nitrogen ► Carbon Cycle ► Phosphorus Cycle ► Nitrogen Cycle Carbon Cycle Carbon Cycle ► The Element ► To be a Source ► Major Carbon Reservoirs Atmosphere Biosphere Oceans Sediments Earth's Mantle and Crust Biotic Carbon Cycle Biotic Carbon Cycle ► Carbon ► Photosynthesis ► Biotic Reservoir ► Release ► A Biotic Reservoirs A Biotic Carbon Cycle A Biotic Carbon Cycle ► Atmospheric Carbon ► Carbon Rock ► Co2 Byproduct Nitrogen Cycle Nitrogen Cycle ► A Biotic Reservoirs for Nitrogen ► Biotic Reservoir for Nitrogen ► Nitrogen Fixation ► Bacterial Performers ► Cycle Process Phosphorus Cycle Phosphorus Cycle ► Uses ► Distribution ► Forms of Phosphorus in A Biotic Reservoir ► Biotic Cycle ► A Biotic Cycle Sustainability and Stewardship Sustainability and Stewardship ► Stewardship of the Environment ► Conserve Environmental Resources ► Human Effects on Sustainability ► The Easter Island Civilization ► Environmental Collapse References References ► ► ► ► ► International Institute for Sustainable Development (2009). What is Sustainable Development? Feenstra, G. (2002). "Creating Space for Sustainable Food Systems: Lessons from the Field". Agriculture and Human Values19 http://kentsimmons.uwinnipeg.ca/16cm05/1116/16ecosys.h tm Sedjo, Roger.1993. The Carbon Cycle and Global Forest Ecosystem. Water, Air, and Soil Pollution Millero, Frank J. (2005). Chemical Oceanography ...
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