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Environmental Science_Unit2_DB - Environmental Science Unit...

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Environmental Science Unit 2 Discussion Board Kregg M. Soltow May 5, 2011 American Intercontinental University Describe the location of this ecosystem. As an environmental scientist, I wanted to research the specific ecosystem on the island of Manhattan after a synthetic chemical induced zombie apocalypse that had disturbed the natural human ecosystem by an anthropogenic cause. The location of this ecosystem is Manhattan, New York post outbreak. The city is void of natural human interaction, overcome by various botanical life forms and resides on the Eastern coast of the United States continent in the northern hemisphere. Explain the natural or anthropogenic disturbance(s), and describe their severity. The anthropogenic disturbance that took place in this ecosystem was the direct result of the careless creation of a synthetic compound released onto the bionetwork in the form of habitant testing. The nature of this disturbance was the abolition of homo sapient life forms by induction of a highly transferable and self sustaining chemical compound that degrades healthy life while mutating the genetic structure of the attacked recipient. The severity of this disturbance is great given the heightened ability of the chemical induced
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Environmental Science_Unit2_DB - Environmental Science Unit...

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