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Unformatted text preview: Unit 3 Individual Project Unit 3 Individual Project Environmental Science By Kregg M. Soltow Sound Science Sound Science • • • • Subjective Definition Good Science Lack of Sound Science Special Interests The law of conservation of energy The law of conservation of energy • • • Law of physics Consequence Particles Implications of population growth and Implications of population growth and energy consumption on future generations • • • • History Relation to population and energy Energy in perspective Energy decline on population – Long term effects – Short term effects Pros and Cons Pros and Cons • • • • • Fossil fuel Nuclear energy Solar Wind Biomass Caterpillar Inc. Caterpillar Inc. • • • • • • 25% less GHG Emissions 20% less Customer GHG Emissions Water consumption plateau 0 Waste 20% more Customer Materials Efficiency 20% of energy needs being Alternative/Renewable References References • Oxtoby & Nachtrieb (1996). Principles of Modern Chemistry, 3rd ed • Chris Mooney, "Beware 'Sound Science.' It's Doublespeak for • • • Trouble," Washington Post, February 29, 2004 Dr. Irene Novaczek. "Canada's Fossil Fuel Dependency“ James J. MacKenzie. Review of The Nuclear Power Controversy by Arthur W. Murphy The Quarterly Review of Biology, Vol. 52, Demirbas, A. (2009). "Political, economic and environmental impacts of biofuels: A review". Applied Energy ...
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