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Environmental Science Unit 5 Individual Project Kregg M. Soltow May 25, 2011 American Intercontinental University Decide and name which U.S. state you want to research. For this research paper I have decided to explore the state of Illinois. Research and then describe some of the environmental problems that state has had. o Explain at least 2 of the problems. Our first problem is the increase of residue in various locations of the Illinois River organism over the last 100 years. Within this time around 60,000 acres of backwater lakes and secondary channels have receded so much and become so low that they have diminished but almost all worth for local wildlife and fish, even effecting the recreation. These specific locations used to be around 6-8 feet deep, however now only typically measure less than 18 inches, and this is all due in part to the amassed sediment. Our second problem being large vastness of land space that have been besmirched by a variety of past exercises; such as past industrial sites, former strip mines, and various landfills, all these areas must be sheltered with rich earth before they can become of use to the public or the local wildlife. o Explain at least 2 of the causes.
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Sediment is a naturally occurring substance that breaks down by the process of either erosion or weathering, and is consequently carried by the exploit of water, or ice, and tends to buildup in locations already consummated by large amounts of buildup already present in strategic geographical areas. Residue is transported in response to the power of the surge that moves it and how big the particular residue is in size, volume, and density. More robust currents will amplify the lift and drag on the residue particles resulting in their rise, while at the same time heavier elements will have a better
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Environmental Science_Unit5_IP - Environmental Science Unit...

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