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Explain why these 3 men

Explain why these 3 men - Explain why these 3 men(the 3...

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Explain why these 3 men (the 3 bankers who are listed as the 4th, 5th, and 6th most powerful people in the world) might be considered more powerful than most countries' leaders. These men might be considered more powerful then most countries’ leaders because they don’t just control countries or laws or people, they control the very thing that enables all of our countries to survive, currency. Without there would be no trade, no budgets, no loans and therefore no business. Explain how or why, during the recession of 2008–09, banks of the world seemed to unite on cue to lower interest rates worldwide. Central banks cut interest rates in order to stimulate growth and hoist their financial systems. It was a preemptive strike against what could come in the following months, which in turn created soaring overall inflation. Provide a short, 2-paragraph policy on how you would improve U.S.
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