How do 3NF and 1NF compare and contrast in VLDB

How do 3NF and 1NF compare and contrast in VLDB - How do...

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How do 3NF and 1NF compare and contrast in VLDB? What advantage does the 3NF design have for a VLDB? A: ADVERTISEMENT Chuck Kelley's Answer: 3NF is really good when dealing with large amounts of duplicate data (i.e., not having to store it multiple times), but you will have to do more joins. 1NF will store duplicate data but not have to worry about joins. I think the DBMS you choose will help you determine whether 3NF or 1NF or some other NF is right for you. Clay Rehm's Answer: There are at least five rules/forms of normalization within a relational database. The goal of normalization is to reduce redundancy and have the most efficient database as possible. However, in the land of data warehousing, too much normalization can cause performance and ease-of-use problems. Databases within operational systems (your daily bread and butter systems) must be designed for quick update. These databases must have the highest level of normalization that is appropriate so database updates
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