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Human / Computer Interface and Interactions Unit 1 Individual Project Kregg M. Soltow June 8, 2011 American Intercontinental University
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An introduction to the contents of the report Generating a counter terrorism system involves multiple different government agencies. When dealing with offshore terrorists, the responsibility usually tends to lie within the nation. When analyzing terrorists it is important to understand their summary and character because such ventures will increase the capability of averting terrorism much more successfully. Most of our nations counter terrorism tactics engage a surge in everyday law enforcement and home based intelligence. The main actions are traditionally; intercepting possible terrorist communications and tracking the where-a-bouts of such suspicious persons. Current technology is now allowing us to broaden the array of our armed forces and LE maneuvers. Domestic intell is generally targeted toward precise groups of interest, which are then categorized and cross referenced based on originating nation or religion, the latter of course being a hot topic of political controversy these days.(Sageman,2004) The overall examination of a complete society often raises opposition based upon individuals’ civil liberties. Domesticated terrorists, especially those that keep to themselves and do not conform to a larger group are far more difficult to perceive given their citizenship and/or lawful alien class which awards them the ease of ability to lye below our watchful eye.
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Human_Unit1_IP - Human Computer Interface and Interactions...

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