Human_Unit2_DB - Human / Computer Interface and...

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Human / Computer Interface and Interactions Unit 2 Discussion Board Kregg M. Soltow June 14, 2011 American Intercontinental University The top 3 user interface techniques you recommend using during development and design of this terrorist suspect UI and The fundamentals you plan to use for the terrorist suspect UI design First, and foremost, it is my contention to state that consistency will be the primary technique utilized in the development of this UI. It is also my belief that the success and positive integration of a UI is hinged on the importance of ensuring a particular user interface not only does what it is supposed to, but does it consistently. In any situation, if a user of the interface were to select objects in one specific listing and have some action occur, then it is only beneficial that the user be able to select other objects in other categories or listings and be granted the same reaction.(Norman,1999) Additional aspects will be to position keys or tabs all in reliable locations throughout all user windows,
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Human_Unit2_DB - Human / Computer Interface and...

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