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Introduction to Business_Unit5_DB - Introduction to...

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Introduction to Business Unit 5 Discussion Board Holly J. Maier November 4, 2010 American Intercontinental University Information Systems Describe the challenges that most businesses face as a result of continually changing technology Technology has become very included with today's businesses. Many companies find that they have a hard time maintaining an aggressive advantage if they don't invest in technology. Some challenges that these businesses may face are; loosing their competitive advantage, inability to meet compliance and regulatory requirements and the inability to remain a viable business all together. What is management’s role in addressing these challenges? Management’s role in addressing challenges in relation to technology changes should align similarly with their other duties. Manager should always be on the look out for possibly newer or just more efficient ways of doing business and or different options available from day to day in order to maximize the businesses profits. Managers are also
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Introduction to Business_Unit5_DB - Introduction to...

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