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Introduction to computers_Unit5_DB

Introduction to computers_Unit5_DB - Introduction to...

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Introduction to Computers Unit 5 Discussion Board Holly J. Maier November 4, 2010 American Intercontinental University Information Systems Research and discuss the ways in which a company can use advanced Excel tools, such as MIN and MAX statement, conditional formatting, and additional tools that you have discovered, to manage its business finances First off, when using Microsoft Excel there are two value range functions that you can use which are; “MIN and “MAX”. MIN will return the absolute minimum value in the range of cells you yourself specify, while MAX will do the opposite by retuning the maximum value in the range of cells. Within Excel, conditional formatting allows the user to select one or more cells and then create certain rules for when and how exactly those cells are to be formatted. These formulas are very beneficial to businesses and organizations in the way that it can help them build more professional appearing spreadsheets faster and by using fewer clicks with the aid of the charting tools. Also by applying conditional formatting to businesses
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