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IT Project and Team Management_Unit2_IP - UNIT 2 INDIVIDUAL...

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UNIT 2 INDIVIDUAL PROJECT IT Project and Team Management Unit 2 Individual Project Kregg M. Soltow March, 30 2011 American Intercontinental University
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An overview of the project's scope and objectives For this assignment I will reference a recent project assignment of my own under my current employer, Dell Engineering Services. Currently I work as a product support engineer for various customers of Dell, one of which being Caterpillar Inc. In this role I am personally responsible for facilitating and training a variety of engineers in the use and maintenance of the software application Team Center for Systems Engineering (TcSE) by Siemens Inc. To better understand the project I am describing, it is important to note that this application is very new to my customers organization and has had very little involvement compared to what is necessary to properly utilize it. The project first came to light when the objective was established for the need of my customer to roll out a new software application necessary for tracking, recording and cascading certain engineering requirements and the management there of. The overall objective of the assignment was to work with the customer at integrating the various engineering divisions into the tool, collectively generate training material for the common user and super user and to then follow up by facilitating support to any and all users into the future. The scope of the project was applied in a three tier effect. The first tier was to last 6 months and would cover the integration of the customers engineering organizations into the software tool. The second tier was to last an additional 6 months and would cover the generation of necessary training material for use by the company for future integration. The third and final tier, which I will soon be finding myself in, is scoped for anywhere between one year and indefinitely, depending on future circumstances. A list of tasks needed to complete the project
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IT Project and Team Management_Unit2_IP - UNIT 2 INDIVIDUAL...

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