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IT Project and Team Management_Unit3_GP

IT Project and Team Management_Unit3_GP - Kregg M Soltow My...

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Kregg M. Soltow My Group Project Portion Detail how a wide variety of project management documents are created and employed. Many project managers, generally those that are inexperienced, believe that the key byproduct of a productive project is to bury their project team with an abundance of paperwork and documentation. Furthermore, when so much documentation is passed around, eventually no one is going to read them and problems begin to snowball into a coagulation of paper, emails and issues. Instead it is more beneficial to refer to project management as an additional branch of customer service. Because at no other time will those involved ever be so involved with the customer and their organization. Yes, project management does require some paperwork, and it can come in awfully handy as protection when issues arise. When dealing with separate individuals and many degrees of communication, it is important to understand that problems can and do occur, but the important thing is to identify what is necessary and what is garbage that may otherwise be delegated thru such conduit vehicles as management officials. So with that we will now discuss a few of the key documents that are created and employed during efficient project management.
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